Enters a cutscene, using the given Theme as the background music.

Namespace: psai.net
Assembly: psaiCoreDotNet (in psaiCoreDotNet.dll) Version: (


public PsaiResult CutSceneEnter(
	int themeId,
	float intensity


Type: System..::..Int32
the id of the Theme to be played during the cutscene
Type: System..::..Single
the static intensity by which to play the cutscene Theme.

Return Value

Type: PsaiResult
"PsaiResult.OK if successful
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredMenuModeActivethe command was ignored, call MenuModeLeave() first.
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredCutsceneActivethe command was ignored, psai is already in Cutscene Mode.


The Cutscene Mode is intended for non-interactive movie-like sequences where the regular gameplay is interrupted. Similar to the Menu Mode, the Cutscene Mode jumps out of regular playback and interrupts any theme currently playing, and immediately switching to the music for the cutscene. You can use a theme of any given Theme Type as a cutscene theme, for the regular playback hierarchy of themes is ignored during cutscene mode. This allows you to re-use regular themes of your game soundtrack for a cutscene. If you use made-to-measure music for a cutscene, we recommend creating a new theme containing a single Segment in the default group. Make sure the Segment has the Suitability START. Intensity levels will only matter as long as your cutscene theme contains more than a single Segment. While in Cutscene Mode, the intensity will stay on a constant level until the cutscene is left. To do leave the cutscene call CutSceneLeave().

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