The PsaiInfo type exposes the following members.


Public fieldcurrentIntensity
the current dynamic Intensity level
Public fieldeffectiveThemeId
the id of the Theme that is currently playing (or just about to switch to)
Public fieldintensityIsHeld
hold true if the automatic decrease of dynamic Intensity is currently disabled
Public fieldlastBasicMoodThemeId
the id of the last Basic Mood triggered
Public fieldpaused
holds true if playback has been paused, after a call to SetPaused(true)
Public fieldpsaiState
the current state of psai (see PsaiState structure for more info)
Public fieldremainingMillisecondsInRestMode
holds the number of remaining milliseconds that psai will stay in Rest Mode. Holds 0 if not in Rest Mode.
Public fieldreturningToLastBasicMood
holds true if psai is about to transition to the last Basic Mood that was triggered, after a call to ReturnToLastBasicMood(false)
Public fieldtargetSegmentId
the id of the Segment that will be played next, or -1 if it has not yet been evaluated
Public fieldthemesQueued
the number of queued Themes that will be played back after the current Theme has ended.
Public fieldupcomingIntensity
the dynamic intensity level that will be switched to after the current Segment is over.
Public fieldupcomingPsaiState
will differ from psaiSate when psai is transitioning to Silence Mode or Rest Mode.
Public fieldupcomingThemeId
the id of the theme that will be played next after the current Theme

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