Deactivates/reactivates the automatic decrease of the dynamic Intensity while the current Theme is playing.

Assembly: psaiCoreDotNet (in psaiCoreDotNet.dll) Version: (


public PsaiResult HoldCurrentIntensity(
	bool hold


Type: System..::..Boolean
pass true to hold the Intensity, false to reactivate the automatic decrease.

Return Value

Type: PsaiResult
"PsaiResult.OK if successful
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredrignored because the intensity is already being held
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredMenuModeActivethe command was ignored, call MenuModeLeave() first.
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredCutsceneActivethe command was ignored, call CutSceneLeave() first.


Calling HoldCurrentIntensity(true) will keep the intensity on the current level while the current theme is playing. The automatic decrease will continue as soon as holdCurrentIntensity(false) is called, or when the playing theme is interrupted or forced to end, e.g. by calling StopMusic() or ReturnToBase(). Triggering the same theme again will change the constant intensity to the newly triggered intensity, but will not result in reactivating the automatic decrease. Note: Calls to holdCurrentIntensity() will be ignored while in Menu Mode or in Cutscene Mode. Call MenuModeLeave() or CutsceneLeave() first.

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