The SegmentInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodSegmentInfo
Initializes a new instance of the SegmentInfo class


Public fieldfullLengthInMilliseconds
the full length of the Segment including its pre- and postbeat region, in milliseconds
Public fieldid
the Segment's id, which is unique for each Soundtrack
Public fieldintensity
the musical intensity of this Segment, as classified within the psai Editor.
Public fieldname
the Segment's name
Public fieldplaycount
the number of times this Segment has been played so far since the soundtrack has been loaded
Public fieldpostBeatLengthInMilliseconds
the length of the Segment's postbeat region in milliseconds
Public fieldpreBeatLengthInMilliseconds
the length of the Segment's prebeat region in milliseconds
Public fieldsegmentSuitabilitiesBitfield
a bitwise combination of the Segment's Suitabilities
Public fieldthemeId
the id of the Segment's Theme

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