Ends the current Theme and directly returns to the most recently triggered Basic Mood.

Namespace: psai.net
Assembly: psaiCoreDotNet (in psaiCoreDotNet.dll) Version: (


public PsaiResult ReturnToLastBasicMood(
	bool immediately


Type: System..::..Boolean
true: quick fadeout, false: play an End-Segment

Return Value

Type: PsaiResult
"PsaiResult.OK if successful
"PsaiResult.initialization_errorpsai has not been initialized correctly. See psai.log for more information.
"PsaiResult.unknown_themethe requested Theme does not exist in the current soundtrack
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredMenuModeActivethe command was ignored, call MenuModeLeave() first.
"PsaiResult.commandIgnoredthe Basic Mood is already playing


The transition to the Basic Mood will be interrupted by any call to TriggerMusicTheme(). If you prefer to let the music keep silent for some time before playing the last Basic Mood again, use GoToRest().

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