Cutscene Mode

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The Cutscene Mode is intended for special ingame events (like cinematics), where the normal gameplay is interrupted, and some other musical theme is played back instead. Cutscenes don't affect the normal playback-logic and thus can not be interrupted by any Theme that might be triggered while the cutscene is active.

When a cutscene starts, its music is immediately played back, interrupting any other theme regardless of its theme type. When you leave a cutscene you can choose to either have a smooth transition to the former state by waiting for the current Segment of the cutscene's Theme to finish, or you can immediately fade over to the previous Theme. Furthermore if the cutscene marks a change of the game situation, you can  also choose to reset the former psai playback and return to silence mode, allowing you to trigger any other type of theme directly afterwards.

The Theme used for your cutscene can be of any Type, as the Cutscene Mode is unaffected by the usual hierarchy of Theme Types.

For a cinematic cutscene you may want to provide a dedicated Theme of a length made-to-measure. In this case your Theme can just consist of a single Segment of type START.

Cutscene Mode Enter

Enters the Cutscene Mode immediately and fades out any Theme that may be currently playing. The given Cutscene Theme can by of an arbitrary Theme Type. The Cutscene Theme will be played back with the given intensity until the Cutscene Mode is left.

Cutscene Mode Leave

Leaves the Cutscene Mode either immediately (immediately = true) or by playing an End-Segment (immediately = false). If the reset-parameter is set to true, the former state of the psai soundtrack (the stack of interrupted Themes) will be resettet.

The Cutscene Mode is very similar to the Menu Mode, with only two differences: The first difference is that the Menu Mode is of higher priority than the Cutscene Mode, so that it is possible to switch to an ingame Menu from within a Cutscene, and back. The second difference is that the Cutscene Mode allows for smooth transitions back to the normal ingame soundtrack, while the Menu Mode always returns by a quick fade.