How Segments are mixed

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Each Segment consists of three regions:

       1. Pre-Beat

       2. Main Region

       3. Post-Beat



The PreBeat region is meant for short fade-in sections and pickups. The end of the Pre Beat marks the beginning of the first beat of the Main Region.

It is important to keep the PreBeat as short as possible, since it affects psai's responsiveness, as explained in the Best Practice section.

Main Region

This region contains the main musical sequence that could be seamlessly looped within an Audio Editor. It usually consists of one or multiple measures.

The Main Region can generally be as long as you wish, but bear in mind that longer Segments lead to a less responsive soundtrack. See Best Practice

for more information.


The Post-Beat region contains the decaying sounds of the preceding Main Region, like reverberation and decaying sounds of string or percussion instruments. The Post-Beat starts exactly at the point of time when the beat of the next measure (say: the Main Region of the following Segment) kicks in. To achieve a seamless transition to the next Segment, psai automatically schedules the start of the following Segment in a way so that the beginning of its Main Region aligns with the end of the Main Region currently playing, as shown in the picture below. Thereby both Segments are played on their own internal channels, so that the Post-Beat of the first Segment is mixed with the Pre-Beat of the following Segment.

Your Post-Beat region can basically be as long as you like. Just make sure it does not interfere musically with any Segment that may follow. We therefore recommend to keep the Post-Beat shorter than the average Main Region.