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The psai EDITOR is the tool for authoring a psai Soundtrack.

Within the psai EDITOR you create a collection of Themes, import their related audio files, and configure the playback behavior.

Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial we will create a small project with two Themes, import audio files and configure our soundtrack for interactive playback.

1. Adding a Theme

  1. Select "New Project" from the File menu. A file selector box appears, where you set the name and directory location of your new project.
  2. Add your first Theme, either by selecting "Add Theme" from the Project menu or from the Source Tree view's context menu (right-click somewhere in the Source Tree to open the context menu)
  3. The new Theme will now appear in your Source Tree view. Left-click the Theme there to select it. The Theme Properties Panel will appear.
  4. Click the "Name" field in the Theme Properties Panel to edit the name of your new Theme.

2. Importing Segments

A Segment represents a prerecorded musical segment that consist of an audio file and some associated information, like the level of its musical intensity.

A Segment always belongs to a Theme, and a Theme always consists of one ore more Groups. Groups help to support different instrumentations within a Theme.

Use the "default group" of a Theme if you don't want to use different instrumentations for now. You can always add or remove groups later and move the Segments if desired.

  1. Right-click the default group (or any other group) of your Theme within the Source Tree view. This will open the context menu.
  2. Select "Add Segment(s) from WAV file(s)". This will open a file selector window.
  3. Navigate to the directory where the audio files of your soundtrack reside, and select the audio file(s) to import. Hold [Ctrl] or [Shift] while left-clicking in the selector window to select multiple files.
  4. When your selection is complete, click "OK". A new Segment will be created for each selected audio file and added to the selected group of your Theme.