Menu Mode

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The Menu Mode is intended for situations when the player interrupts the current gameplay to switch to the Options screen or some other ingame menu. While in Menu Mode, a normal ingame music is interrupted, and any other Theme can be played back. Like the Cutscene Mode, the Menu Mode will ignore trigger-calls to any other Themes that might occur meanwhile, until the Menu Mode ist left. The Menu Mode can interrupt the Cutscene Mode and will return to the Cutscene when the Menu Mode is left.

Menu Mode Enter

Enters the Menu Mode. Any Theme that might be currently playing is faded out quickly, and the Theme with the given menuThemeId is played instead. This Menu Theme can be of any Theme Type, as the Menu Mode is unaffected by psai's hierarchy of Theme Types. The Menu Theme will be played back with a constant intensity.

Menu Mode Leave

Deactivates the Menu Mode and returns to the former state, using a quick fade.