Optimizing performance

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Optimizing memory & performance

psai is designed for minimal memory footprint and low CPU hit. It only allocates memory when new AudioClips are loaded dynamically at runtime.

To minimize the memory allocation in the final Release version of your game, consider to...:

Optimizing playback latency

1. Make sure to keep the PreBeat times of your Segments short, as described here: Best Practice for composers

2. Unity's sound API currently does not provide feedback for the playback latency needed by the host device to buffer or play back an AudioClip. This is why we need to define a maximum latency for each platform, both for a) buffering audio data and b) initiating playing back of buffered audio data. These values can be set in the PsaiPlaybackManager component of the Psai.prefab. The standard values we are using there may be too high for your target devices, so you may consider reducing these values. Very low latency values may result in audible timing problems caused by delayed playback.