Playback Stats Panel

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The Playback Stats Panel is automatically displayed as soon as a soundtrack is loaded. It displays the Log Window that displays messages about the current playback state, triggered commands and possible problems, like missing Segments.

The lower part of the Panel contains a table that displays the psai soundtrack loaded, along with all Themes and Segments.

The following columns are displayed:

Segment id

the id of the Segment (unique per soundtrack)

Segment name

the name of the Theme

Segment type

like Start-, Middle-, End-Segment and hybrid types.

Segment intensity

an intensity percentage value that reflects the musical intensity of this Segment, as assigned by the composer

Segment playcount

the number of times this Segment has been replayed since the soundtrack was loaded.

Hide / Show Playback Stats Panel

Click on the arrow-button on the right side of the psai Player's main window, to show/hide the Playback Stats Panel.

Sort by value type

To sort the information, click on the desired column header.

Toggle autoscroll

The autoscroll feature automatically scrolls the table view to the Segment that's currently playing.

Right-click on the table to open the context menu and enable/disable the autoscroll feature.