Project Property Panel

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Path to Audio Pool

The path to the directory where all the audio files of your soundtrack reside. This can either be an absolute path or relative to the directory where your psai project file is located.

We strongly recommend creating a single subdirectory for your audio files within your project file's directory, like 'wav'. Then just enter 'wav' here.

Volume Boost

Supported by XACT export. Raises the output level of the exported audio file. Use with caution, as this may cause clipping / distortion.

Sound Quality

Supported by all export formats. Sets the trade-off between disk space and sound quality. Set this to the far right for maximum quality and biggest file size.

Force full rebuild

Enabling this will force a complete recompression of all audio files during the next export. Disabling this will speed up the exporting process greatly, but does not guarantee that changes to your audio files are included in your exported soundtrack. Disable this if you made no changes to the audio files since the last export.

Default Segment Settings

Newly created Segments will be created with these default settings.