Segment suitabilities

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Depending on your audio file, a Segment may be suitable for one or multiple parts of its Theme. You can assign any combination of these by enabling the related checkboxes within the Segment Property Panel of the psai Editor.

1. Start-Segments

When a Theme starts to play out of silence, the psai logic will select a Segment which has the Start-Segment property set. A Start-Segment may e.g. contain a crescendo of some sort, e.g. a drumroll of increasing intensity.

Any Theme (with the exception of Highlight-Layers) must at least contain one Start-Segment. Providing multiple Start-Segments may also be beneficial for your soundtrack, like one Start Segment for a sudden kick-in of the Theme with high intensity, and a softer version for not so dramatic situations.

2. Middle-Segments

Middle-Segments are usually by far the most Middle Segments are all Segments that may be played while the Theme is already playing back. The more Middle Segments you provide, the more diversified your Theme will be. The more Middle Segments you provide for a Theme, the less repetition will occur. For a highly dynamic soundtrack make sure to provide a sufficient number of Segment across different levels of intensity.

3. End-Segments

When a Theme ends, and no other Theme has been queued for playback, psai will end the Theme by playing a Segment of type End-Segment, before the playback goes to a state of Rest or Silence. Make sure each Theme provides at least one End-Segment. The exception to this are Themes of type Highlight Layer, as they only consist of single layering Segments and neither need Start- nor End-Segments.

4. Bridge-Segments

Bridge Segments will be played as the first Segment of a Group / Theme, when transitioning from another Group / Theme. So in that respect they are like Start-Segments, whereas Start Segments will only be played out of silence. Accordingly, often Start-Segments may also sound good when used as a Bridge. However, be careful when using dominant chords as they may cause cacophony depending on the tonality of the preceding Theme. As long as there is at least one Bridge Segment within a Group, all other Segments within this Group are implicitly blocked for Group/Theme transitions. For more information on this topic please refer to section Bridge Segments.