The Playback Panel

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The Playback Panel is used to play single Segments or transitions between two Segments. Use it to adjust or check the length of the Pre- and Postbeat regions of each Segment. As soon as these are correct, you can use the Playback Panel to hear how Segment transitions will sound during a game. To do this, first select a Segment in the Source Tree by left-clicking it. This Segment will be loaded to the left half of your Playback Panel as the Segment to be played first (Source Segment). Now left-click another Segment in the Target Tree. This will be loaded to the right section of your Playback Panel, and played right after the Source Segment.

Segment Panels

Both Source and Target section share the same functions for the related Segment.


Play the Segment completely over its full length

w/o Prebeat

Skip the Prebeat region and play the Segment directly from the beginning of its loop-able section.


Only play the region after the loop-able region (decaying sounds and reverb)

Transition Section

This section contains controls for playing both Source and Target Segment one after another. If it is disabled, make sure that the selected entities in both the Source Tree and Target Tree are Segments.

Full Playback

Play both Segments from start to finish, like they will be played in the game.

Play Transition

This skips the beginning of the Source Segment and jumps to a cue-point x milliseconds before the Target Segment kicks in, where x is defined in the field below.

Cue (ms)

The cuetime (in milliseconds) before the actual transition, that should be played when you press the "Play Transition" button.